About Us

Company for audit, PRIVREDNI SAVETNIK – REVIZIJA, was established on 30th July 1998 and is one of the leading domestic companies for audit, financial, accounting and tax consulting in Serbia. One of its founders is reputable domestic publishing company in the field of financial and accounting consulting, Privredni Savetnik LLC, Belgrade.

In accordance with domestic Law on Auditing, PRIVREDNI SAVETNIK – REVIZIJA is a member of Serbian Chamber of Authorized Auditors and is registered in Register of companies administered by the Chamber.

Accorded to Resolution of Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Serbia, PRIVREDNI SAVETNIK – REVIZIJA is licensed to conduct audit services. Also, PRIVREDNI SAVETNIK – REVIZIJA is registered in the List of legal entities which are allowed to conduct audit of financial statements of companies of public interest, based on Resolution of Securities Commission of the Republic of Serbia.

PRIVREDNI SAVETNIK – REVIZIJA has Authorization from Serbian Ministry of Economic and Ownership Transformation to conduct valuation of capital of large, middle and small sized companies.

PRIVREDNI SAVETNIK – REVIZIJA has Certificate for audit of statistical data of Fairs, issued by UFI – Union des Foires Internationales or Union of International Fairs.


Audit company

Limited liability company

Kneginje Zorke 96,11000 Belgrade

011/ 30 20 562,
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Tel: + 381 11 30 20 724
e-mail: branka@psr.rs
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e-mail: emnija@psr.rs

Fax: 011/ 30 20 686
Website: www.psr.rs
PIB (Tax identification number): 100290705